Based in Madrid globally available, Seabell Studio is born in December 2020 from the ashes of Efless with a focus on crafting timeless quality design that goes beyond fashions and stands the test of time. 

Our mission is to help brands and bands define and improve their image with a graphic ethic anchored in the early 1900s, when art and design went hand in hand to give more importance to the message than to a single static symbol.

Let’s create some things together. Feel free to drop a line, or five. I love the rush of new projects!

fran (at)



All brands and businesses are much more than a simple logo. There are many more elements that make you recognizable, from your colors to your typography, your style or the way you show yourself to the world. Together we create that family of elements that identify you and make you unique, working flawless both together and individually. That's called branding, and our intention is to create timeless quality design, time-tested and far beyond fashions.


Type Design and Typography

Each letter is a small work of art, handcrafted with all the passion. And when you put many of them together, what you have is a small family, a unique and tailor-made typeface for your brand. Uppercase, lowercase, tall, thick, italic or extra-wide, everything is possible and the more unique the better. Be it a single font or ten for texts, headings or whatever you can think of, you are in the right place.



An image is not worth a thousand words, but it helps a lot to define an aesthetic, a tone, an intention. You don't need half a million strokes and colors, less is more here. A set of simple but powerful motifs that help define your brand and distinguish what you do even before reading a single word. I specialise in line work and stippling illustration, as well as the old woodcut and engraving style.



Sometimes a font is too cold or inexpressive to show that closeness or warmth that your followers need and expect from you. That's when lettering, handlettering or calligraphy are needed: letters made entirely by hand, with all its quirkiness and a whole declaration of humanity. When used right, they add character wherever they appear: painted walls, menus, canopies, business cards or other countless applications.